war of 1812

w where the war starts in a country .

a Andrew Jackson one of the men in the war .

r royal navy also outraged Americans by its practice of impress meant or removing seam from u.s.

o out rang by 10,000 men fought in 1812.

f wow fight Britain is France .

11812 was one of the days a lot of people die.

8 80 of the 134 British soldier where Irish .

1 1813  France had 80 ships line while building.

2  2,000 people or more die in 1812 war.

Battle of cowpens

Battle of cowpens in south corlina on January 17, 1781, during the Revolutionary war (1775-83),  American troops under Bring adier General  Daniel Morgan (1736-1802) routed British forces under Lieatenant colonel banastre Tarleton (1754-1833). The Americans inflicted heavy casuatieson the British, and the battle was a turning point in the war’s southern campaign.

Dr prescott was in the Revolution he died in war.

He help people that where eninjer in war.

Dr prescott rode in midnight ride.

Doctor, militiaman, privatet.

Samuel Precott.

fight the british.

Presott’s name will never forgot.

Samuel was a American patriot served country.

If it had not been for him different country.