my best day

My best day was when I got my dog. I was so happy my parents said” what are you going the name her?”’ and I said” star.” They said,” Good name. We will go build her a dog pen.” We did and then I gave her food and water.when I got home from school, I fed star I told my dad that I will be playing with star and he said ‘k”. I went outside to go play with star and she jumped on me. when I got home the next day star started to jumped on the wire and bark until I went to go play with her. I love my dog, star.

kids working

the kids are working in a building  then it started to smoke then it cought on fie some people die and some jump out of the building and die because they did not whant to burn to deth


it was very sad to read and to thank of working in a building that’s on fir and die fome it.

Industrial Revolution

1  combuston engine  1779.

2  sewing machine  1790.

3  first bed 1874.

4  first car 1886.

5  first diesel engine 1893.

i thought that these 5 invetons where help full to use because we still yous all of them in factorys, home, driveing , we yous in a car. I think these things are inportant to our history and help full for back then in the 1700’s and the 1800’s and 1900’s.

war of 1812

w where the war starts in a country .

a Andrew Jackson one of the men in the war .

r royal navy also outraged Americans by its practice of impress meant or removing seam from u.s.

o out rang by 10,000 men fought in 1812.

f wow fight Britain is France .

11812 was one of the days a lot of people die.

8 80 of the 134 British soldier where Irish .

1 1813  France had 80 ships line while building.

2  2,000 people or more die in 1812 war.