Ryan, Tyson and I were at the grave yard and a zombie popped up from the grave. We ran off. We came back and we killed all of the zombies . We were in the real zombie apocalypse. We went to a store. We saw a person.  I said  , What is your name? Justin. I  said we are to help you do you have food or water.

history of red ribbon week

imageRed Ribbon Week began after the kidnapping, torture and brutal murder of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Agent Enrique “KiKi” Camarena in 1985.  Agent Camarena had been working undercover in Guadalajara, Mexico for over four years. His effects led to a trip that resulted in the discovery of a multimillion dollar narcotics manufacturing operation in Chihuahua, Mexico. The successful eradication of this and other drug production operations angered leaders of several drug cartles who sought revenge. As a result they murdered key informants and then on February 7, 1985, they kidnapped Agent Camarena and his pilot Captain Alfredo Zavala-Avelar ( taken separately on the same day ).





James town


If you believe in god then go to James town.

If you only want boys in your town then go to James town.

If you think girls are bossy then go to James town.

I think  boys are smarter than girls

Boys work  together and group up talk together.

Boys no how to build houses and girls don’t no how to.